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Tri-County Gravesite Maintenance, LLC (TCGM) provides professional headstone cleaning/restoration, headstone leveling, delivery of decorations and general maintenance to individual gravesites. At TCGM we will devote the time, care and compassion needed to maintain the beauty of the site while ensuring no damage is done to the gravesite or headstone. Cemeteries maintain the overall property but typically do not have the time to devote towards individual gravesites. Rest assured TCGM will take care of all of your gravesite needs with a personal touch. See the difference TCGM can make by receiving confirmation photographs of every cleaning and delivery we make.


One of the biggest things seen at cemeteries is weathered or dirty headstones. Over time marble, granite and limestone succumb to the elements collecting mold, mildew and lichen causing them to change dramatically in appearance. Bronze plaques on headstones eventually fade and tarnish due to the harsh Texas sun and hard water in the area.  TCGM has done the research and will devote the time to properly clean and restore any type of material or style of headstones. TCGM only uses products specifically meant for headstone cleaning; we never use any type of pressure washers or abrasive tools that can do irreversible damage to a headstone. (See our products and equipment used section for more details). Headstones can become sunken in the ground for many different reasons: heavy rain, overly dry conditions, or cemetery machinery running over them are just a few to mention. TCGM can lift level and properly fill material under the headstone to get it back, as close as possible, to its original look and position.



By cleaning and restoring headstones onsite TCGM is able to offer customers an affordable option. Other companies use heavy machinery to unearth entire headstone then send bronze plaques off to have them restored.  This extra step is passed on to you in the form of higher costs.  TCGM leaves your loved ones headstone in the ground undisturbed saving you dramatically on cost and preserving the dignity of your loved ones final resting place and the surrounding area.

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With our scheduled cleaning service, you can make sure your loved ones’ final resting place is properly maintained. TCGM will cut and trim the grass, rake leaves and blow all clipping from the gravesite. We are equipped to lay new grass, fertilize the area and trim any low hanging trees or shrubs. We will properly collect and dispose of any debris to ensure the beauty of the site we are maintaining along with any nearby areas.* headstone will be washed each visit.



At TCGM we are prepared to do it all. Whether its floral decorations, solar lighting, bird feeders, flags, banners, vases or anything more, we can do it all. We can customize decorations for you or simply deliver and place your own for you.

SERVICE CHARGES – Contact TCGM for details.


We love to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. TCGM will help you get your loved ones final resting place decorated for any special date or occasion. Let everyone know how much a special holiday or event meant to you and your loved one with a personalized graveside message or decoration.

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TCGM knows that as much as we love visiting our loved ones in their final resting place there are circumstances which prevent us from being able to visit or maintain the gravesite as often as we wish. At TCGM not only will we property maintain and decorate your loved ones gravesites we also offer services to photograph or video the gravesite so that anyone who is unable to get to the gravesite due to distance or physical ability can still appreciate the beauty of the gravesite from anywhere.

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With our busy schedules we often lose track of where some of our distant relatives were laid to rest and what conditions those gravesites might be in after decades and sometimes centuries in the elements. It is astonishing how many aged gravesites are in disrepair with toppled over headstones, over grown trees, grass and shrubs. TCGM would like to help you find those lost gravesites and restore them.

SERVICE CHARGES - Contact TCGM for details.

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