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Bronze Restoration

We restore all types of bronze including headstones, memorial plaques, statuary, and art.  

Our specialty is being able to restore the bronze in place 99% of the time.  We have completed hundreds of headstones and memorial plaques.  So far, 100% of our customers are astonished to see how we can bring back the luster and shine to their oxidized, dull bronze.  

Almost everything that is left out in the elements to weather, will at some point deserve some TLC.  These bronze headstones and memorial plaques are no different.  They need some love!  

There is a lot of misinformation easily found on the web that can lead a person to believe that restoring these plaques is an easy DIY project.  The harmful ideas and product suggestions and the idea that someone may actually attempt this project and wind up with a ruined piece costing several thousand dollars to replace, is terribly sad.  

We do not use acids, WD40, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, pressure washers, or any of the other crazy things we have seen recommended.   We use industry specific cleaners, brushes, polishing pads, and then finish by applying a commercial grade sealant.  

If you have a project you would like a quote on, please reach out via message, phone or email.  If it is a headstone, please include the name, year of birth or death, and cemetery name if possible for the the quickest quote turnaround time.  If you are able to include a recent photo of the bronze, that is certainly helpful as well.

We look forward to working with you!

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